Operations Management is key, Safeguard your processes

Renkema Consultancy acts as projectmanager or consultant to streamline your Primary Process. In many cases I implement ICT solutions like websites, intranets, file sharing, etc, to support and secure processes. 

I work with professionals in my network in case of ICT solutions. Project management and responsibility is in my hands. 


It is important to secure your processes, no doubt. Sometimes it is mandatory, for instance if your business is in high risk area's like gas and oil. The government demands round the clock reporting on data and handling. Ultimo tools can be of great help. I implemented it in the Geothermal Industry; GERF BV.  

Extranet and Intranet

We go way back in supporting project organisations and communities in terms of Sharing Knowledge.
We are partners in EU and global Research projects, where it is key that information can be shared and worked on by different groups in a secure area (Extranets and Intranets). And of course public information via the website.

In most cases we will use the Umbraco CMS to support this: easy to use, very cost-efficient.

Umbraco – Share Simplicity

Umbraco, by many reviewed as 'The friendly CMS' is very user friendly indeed. The CMS is open-source (no license fees) and supported by a large enthusiastic community. The software is flexible and easy to fit the customer needs. The websites are out of the box responsive (Tablets and Smartphone ready).
Umbraco features intranet functionality and group management. As well as optimized regarding search engines.

File sharing

Does your organisation or project requires a safe environment to store files in the cloud? To share them with specific groups? And automatically synchronise them with your PC, laptop or phone? Our preference is Pydio. Where other people use Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive or Dropbox, we go for the professional and solution. To the contrary of above mentioned products, we like to be sure of the location of our content and not on some anonymous US owned servers. The permission rules and managing groups is much easier and robust within Pydio.
Pydio can be delivered as open-source (no license fee) or in an enterprise edition including support and extra features.